Love Journal是澳大利亚墨尔本规模最大和获奖最多的摄影工作室。服务涵盖婚纱摄影,婚礼摄影和摄像,母婴儿童摄影,化妆造型和影棚写真。

经历 年发展,如今我们是:
Top 墨尔本婚纱摄影工作室
Top 20 亚洲摄影师2017-18
超过 100 次获得国际摄影奖项荣誉团队

公司初创于2013年,理念是透过镜头记录你们最幸福的瞬间,并打印制作成日志,成为永恒的回忆,这也是Love Journal名字的由来。一直以来致力于高品质的婚纱和婚礼摄影,以大气唯美,流行时尚和清新自然的风格,打造出属于你们的视觉盛宴。并配合永不褪色的照片印刷技术,将幸福的记忆代代传承。


见证你们的爱情,记录你们的婚礼,很快你们有了爱情的结晶,或挺着大肚子,或抱着孩子,再次来到我们的相机前,希望Love Journal能继续为你们的爱情日志增添新的一页回忆。

经历了超过半年的筹备,在2018年建立了专注亲子家庭摄影的品牌Love Journal Kids,将为你们记录爱的使命继续,陪伴你们记录人生的每一个重要阶段,与你们相伴一生。

瞬间永恒,相伴一生”的情怀,对于Love Journal来说是一直默默坚守的幸福使命,Love Journal,名字就是品质,名字就是品牌,名字就是相伴一生的记忆。


Love Journal大事记



成立了专注于亲子家庭摄影的品牌Love Journal Kids。


总监摄影师Neo Ni获得墨尔本唯一“亚洲Top 20摄影师2017-18”头衔。



获得澳洲最大宫殿剧院Palais Theater独家授权,成为全澳唯一可以进入拍摄婚纱的摄影公司。

摄影师Gabriel Tan第三次接受澳洲著名报业采访,登上<Hearld Sun>。

摄影作品登上著名婚礼杂志<COSMO Bride>。



摄影师Neo Ni获得Assocaite Master Photographer AMPA头衔,成为了澳洲华人获得过的最高大师头衔。也获得了WPPI颁发的Associate of WPPI头衔。

摄影师Neo Ni获得澳洲最大华人传媒<大洋时报>专访,Love Journal的故事传遍澳洲华人圈。

摄影师Gabriel Tan因为工作拼搏努力,再次受到<The Age>采访,登上报纸。

拍摄澳洲电视剧"Married at first sight"女主角Erin Bateman的婚纱照。

Love Journal受到澳洲最大报业<The Age>专访,婚纱拍摄服务登上<The Age>,并被称为墨尔本最大的婚纱摄影机构。




摄影师Neo Ni获得由英国大师摄影协会MPA颁发的Licentiate Master Photographer婚纱摄影大师头衔,成为澳洲第一个获得此头衔的华人。




Love Journal成立,致力于澳洲最高品质婚纱摄影和婚礼摄影。



  • Wedding Photography Packages

    Dear Neo and Michael,
    Thank you so much for all your assistance. The wedding photos are amazing! Everyone keeps complimenting it. We appreciate all you did prior and on the wedding, making sure everything was perfect to the last detail. We are pleased to have you guys as our wedding photographers!
    Thank you again for all your hard work.

    Edwarld & Indrie

  • Wedding Photography Packages

    Dear Neo,
    Thank you so much for all the photos. You are absolute attention to detail. Dedicated to your job. You were there first thing in the morning and one of the last to leave the reception. Making sure every image was capture perfectly. Highly recommended to anyone needing a photographer.

    Craig & Mel

  • Wedding Photography Packages

    Dear Michael,
    We just wanted to say a very big thank you for our stunning wedding photography, you really did a brilliant job and we are so happy with the photos.
    We will be in touch soon about which ones we want to make a canvas, which will be a tough job because they are all so good!

    Laura & Peter

  • Wedding Photography Packages

    Dear Neo,
    I would just like to say ‘Thank You’ for the beautiful images you captured at our wedding - you gave us all we could have wished for and more (including advising us on many aspects of our wedding!). We went to more than ten photographers before deciding to go with you, but I could tell from your sample albums and the pictures that we were going to get the results we hoped for. You seem to not only capture the day in a natural unimposing way, but you also capture the detail and those images that you just can’t recreate in a forced, posed environment.
    Thank you so much!

    Nathan & Deanne

  • Wedding Photography Packages

    Dear Neo,
    We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful photos you took for our 30th Pearl Wedding Anniversary. We got marriage in Melbourne 30 years ago and now we are living in Hongkong. To return to where we got marriage is our dream and thank you so much for taking photots for us. They are our treasury forever. We hope you have a good business and to see you on our 50th wedding anniversary.

    Tommy & Sandy